interaction at last

My monkey has been a quiet observer of life. He speaks when he has to and although gives out loads of affection he just seemed to watch others quietly from the sides. He would only chat if he was really excited about something.

Over the last week he has made such phenomenal changes its like I have a different child in the house. He is suddenly a verbal and very much par taker of all things in life.

He expresses himself so wonderfully now all the time. While his why is driving me crazy I suddenly am realising that that was the only real form of question he has with which to communicate.

Once he has developed to be more verbal I presume that the questions will become more difficult and varied.

It was with joy today that I watched my son interact with other children. Again he was no longer a bystander watching but he finally participated. It was a mile stone I will never forget and one of my proudest so far. Not only was he accepted but he made the effort to join in.

I am a quiet shy person when I don’t know the people and my hubby is a bystander who needs encouragement to join in so watching my monkey become socially accepted is a great joy for me.

Now to ge him to the place where he can googgle extensive questions that’s the next step lol


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