update on monkey

Well I have been quiet but that’s because my monkey hasn’t come up with any surprises lately.

I must however admit the other day he was saying mom and everytime he called me mom I almost wanted to turn around to see who on earth he was talking to. Very disconcerting seeing I have now been a mom for 3yrs and more if you take my pregnancy into account.

He is at the wonderful age of eagerly wanting to please everyone. So I am taking advantage and he now asks if he may do something before doing it. Does this last long I sure hope it does cause I am loving it. But I doubt this will be the case for long.

His helpful stage is definitely coming to an end fast though. Not so eager to bring fetch and clean up like he was two weeks ago.

On Saturday at my mom and the sprinkler system was on and I told him to take off his jersey and run through the sprinkler. With disbelief he says to me mom what did you say. He checked 5 times before he actually did it.

The granny that had the sprinkler on was so enjoying watching him run in and out of it. He really gives the grannies there some joy which makes my heart happy.


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