staircase of a house

Oh well this is one happy mom. I have had monkeys cousin over today cookaloo. She is an amazing little girl and I love her so much.

They have been no trouble at all and in fact probably a little to good. The grateful part is that I don’t have twins.
Probably in a one story flat garden situation it would be wonderful a different story, or would t. But in a multi level house and garden the stairs are KILLING me.

One wants to be up while the other one wants to be down. Now its all very well they are 3 and quiet capable of doing the stairs. My concern is what they get up to after the stairs are completed.

Climbing the gate if down in the garden or going up the mountain out of ranger of our garden on the other levels. If inside all the things that they could get up to. And seldom today have both been in the same place at once.

Sigh if I haven’t lost a few kilo’s I will be annoyed from all the stair climbing.


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