a little love – or begging?

Its Saturday and we off to visit granny Mags who lives in a retirement viliage.
No I am not to sure if my son knows he actually only had one granny there or if he believes all the grannies are his. Well probably he does but he sure knows how to solicit goodies from the grannies.

Once he has got what gran Mags has for him he is out to the next flat to solicit whatever it is the next gran has for him. He enters the flat boldly and stands and waits for his biscuits, sweets chips juice fruit or whatever is being offered.

He happily comes back with the offerings and shows us. It doesn’t matter what he is offered he is never ungrateful and always hugs and kisses thank you.

Once he has shown us his gifts its off to the next gran for her offering. While I have felt so awful for his begging the grans are delighted in the little joy he brings them.

Leaving can take some time as e greets all the grans one more time ensuring they don’t perhaps have one last offering to make.

He climbs into the car pretty happy with his gifts no matter how big or small. Each gran has had a love and kiss and all seem happy for the visit.

Now to unteach him that grans are there to give u things may take a while. He isn’t quiet as lucky visiting granny one but loves and kisses are still given freely so perhaps there is hope after all.

Balance my dear all comes down to balance.


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