resilient child

There was a mix up with the electricity bill. Partly our fault partly some dumb idiot not doing their job properly.

So the power was cut, and for a week we have been without electricity as we try sort out the mess.

Anyway beside that our beautiful son has been amazing through it all. Instead of whining that we don’t have lights or hot water or whatever convenience electricity may bring he has found joy in the darker side of things.

Candles are real fun the flame dances and he gets to do his next favourite thing to playing in water. At the end of the night he gets to blow out the candles.

He got to bath in his toy bucket when not bathing at his aunts house with his cousie. Now that I think has been the hi light of his day.

We watch movies on the pc that I charge at work each day or read in candle light. While it has been a stressful time for us he has made us see that life is what you make of it.

We are so blessed to have a child who asks for so little in life and understands when we have we give him when we don’t oh well he will get it when mom and dad have.

Sigh now I think the novelty of no electricity is wearing off but hopefully we will sort it all tomorrow.


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