the black one THE BLACK ONE

Kicking and fighting moaning an groaning half crying he is wiggling round the bed as if running from something.

Then he cries out “the black one” quickly followed by a louder “THE BLACK ONE”. And all of a sudden the wriggling stopped an into dreamland he fell.

For the past few nights now he has been restless. Granted he isn’t to well as he has a bit if flu but still all that kicking and moaning is it normal.

Now my niece also talks in her sleep but chatters away mostly not restless like this.

I actually have to wake monkey up in order to get him settled. Is I his first dreams, or what does anyone know because I sure need a good nights sleep. Sigh one day I am sure.


2 responses to “the black one THE BLACK ONE

  1. You will never sleep soundly again because you have kids bbbwwwaaahhh (my evil laugh). My son suffered from night terrors for about a year and just kind of outgrew them. Your little monkey should be just fine. Unfortunately it’s just something that passes eventually 😦 Poor kid and poor tired momma 🙂


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