I Think um I am in charge

Well now it would be so nice to come home one night without a performance. If I allow him to open the gate close the gate, uppie him up the stairs and allow him to lock the door it is some other issue.

“You dindin make me juice” to ” I wanted to wee first”. Not one night in the last 2 weeks have I come home and picked up a bundle of joy happy to see morm.

Yes I know its the battle of wills and because dad gives in and allows him to be boss well most the time. Its mom and boy that are at logger heads battling it out to see who is boss. He just seems to want to push to see if he can be in charge.

Although I leave him to whine and mope it can go on for quiet sometime and often results in mom shouting. I know I know this is not good for any of the family and it definitely doesn’t bare fruit but it sure helps me get over my monkey’s stubborn streak.

Sigh so the battle will continue for awhile I suppose until I am able to keep my composure during the battle. Sigh I so need just 5 min play time with him.


One response to “I Think um I am in charge

  1. I totally feel where you’re at. We go thru phases that nothing makes him happy and I don’t even want to come home from work (oh the guilt I feel even writing that lol ) It does pass, I promise. Only to be traded with you give them 23 hours of your attention and they gripe because that last hour you didn’t give lol. I holler too sometimes, but I notice as he gets older, the hollering does subside so hang in there chic!!


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