how will they know?

It was with great sadness I was telling a mommy of 2 monkies aged 9 and 7 about simple party games. She was in awe of me, how did I come up with such amazing stuff.

All it is is good old fashioned games like pop the balloon; pass the parcel; pin the tail. How sad that parents don’t know these simple games how will they teach their kids to be team players.

Now days we wonder why kids are so selfish, well basically computer games are each man for themselves. You fight for what you want and if the enemy doesn’t move just kill him problem solved. What kind of kids are we growing.

I wish I could round up a million kids and start teaching them good old fashioned games so that they can have a childhood and play. Its so much easier to dump them in front of a tv with either a remote or a game control.

Wake up parents it takes more than a control device to succeed in life. I wish life was as simple as holding a remote but sigh its not so teach your children to interact with actual humans not cyber people please.


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