sleep over

“Mia please can I sleep by your house”. Now this in itself is something because we beg we plead and nope she won’t come sleep over.

We were laughing saying my sis in law was wasting her time packing a bag cause she would be home soon. Well boo for us she was determined to sleep over.

We trooped upstairs to the bedroom put the bags down and all three monkies were put in the bath. Yes my nephew decided to come over as well.

Well it all went extremely well I even had a plan of who was to sleep where. Well the joke was on me, these are little people with a will of their own and there own ideas. Little cooka looloo loo decided my bed was where she was sleeping and my son wasn’t giving up his space to her either.

“I want my mommy”. Oops let’s see if she gets over this and so I sat her on my lap and one two three we were fine. She got off went to wee got onto the bed and was in dreamland before I could tuck her in.

Monkey lay down next to her and now where were my hub and I to lie. Squash move them up wiggle our big bums onto the bed and finally we were all in. Well please don’t the little one say roll over cause there’s no knot in our pajama tops.

Big monkey guy was on the kids bed next to our bed and into dreamland we all went. What the……. Why am I so sore then a little arm flew ove my neck holding me tight “I love you mom.” I love you to my cook a looloo” and she proceeded to chat to me in her sleep. That moment alone was worth every ache and pain in my body this morning.

Sigh I wish I had more kids but hub says no fanks one is way more than enough lol.


One response to “sleep over

  1. It’s so hard to sleep with kids in your bed, but yet so lovey to sit and watch them sleep and see that peaceful look on their face. Of course, it’s short lived because an arm will fly over and bash you in the face, or a leg will end up in the small of your back, and all of a sudden the family bed feels 200 degrees with all of these bodies squished in it that you are clawing your way to the side of the bed for air. I miss my little bed partner, but I also like my sleep 🙂


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