misunderstood big monkey

My friends son (big monkey) is such a lovely child yet so few people give him a chance. They hear someone yelling at him and all of a sudden he is a naughty child.

Yes he is naughty and not for the reason normally kids are naughty for. He craves the attention no one wants to give him. The less he gets the more he wants and the more he desires it the more he seems to make others dislike him.

He comes to our home and we enjoy him, he wants so little and demands very little from us. Sadly he seems to think that the only way he is going to get anything is if he is good and does something nice. He will do something nice and say to me please can we have sweets because we did something nice.

How sad can’t he just get it becuase he is a child and deserves it. Last night my heart was so sore for him. I went downstairs to make hot chocolate for him and coffee for hub. I didn’t have any so when I got upstairs he asked me what I had. I told him and began walking towards him with it. “Must I taste yours Mia”. I nearly cried and quickly assured him it was his and not mine. “But what you having then?”. Shame he was worried I now wouldn’t have anything but I assured him I didn’t want any.

Afterwards he was so happy and asked if he could go put the cup in the sink downstairs. Such a simple thing and now he is so different with me if I speak he listens a lot easier.

He is such a hurt and lost little boy who lives in fantasy land of movies and wwf. He is intelligent and soaks up information with ease and so willing to share it.

Love u big monkey and looking forward to more sleep overs.


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