the naughty toy fairies

We enter monkeys room this morning which is strewn with toys. Confused he looks up at me and asks “who made this mess mom”.

My sarcasm about to jump out (um the toy fairies) however this would just confuse the issue. So instead I reply “well who played with the toys and didn’t put them away”. Quiet sweetly he looks at me and says “my cousies”.
I had to smile “and so you didn’t play with them?” Nodding his head he says “I did but I just took one toy played and put it back”.

“Mm I see, and the blocks?” Without skipping a beat. “I just took one block builded and put it back again.”

Yip he was convinced it wasn’t him, he dindin make such a mess. So later I called home and asked what he was doing. “Picking up the toys my cousies played with.” Well at least he was picking up the mess what can I say.


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