one year sobriety

This goes out to my amazing hubby who today is one year sober and for that I thank him for he has improved the quality of his families lives.

It was not a proud time for me either I did my hub wrong. For that I am deeply ashamed and sorry for it caused great hurt. It was just befriending another guy. Nothing ever happened but it wasn’t right. I shouldve turned to my hubby not away from him.

I could make a hundred excuses but what kind of apology would that be, it would be more justification.

However back to my hubby, most weekends he would be drunk and passed out and he believed this was living. Well he turned all that around and now lives for us his family and we reciprocate that.

I would just like to say to a wonderful man thank you darling buggy bear for turning us from people living together to a family. Without your love and commitment we could’ve been on a diff path. I am grateful to you for so much and sorry my darling I nearly caused the end for us.

How could we both have jeopardised our family chasing our own pleasures when we should have been building and twining our lives together.

Thank you for taking charge and turning our family around and standing up in your rightful place as man and hubby of our family.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that and for the opportunity to continue a life with both the guys that mean the world to me


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