now he knows

This morning I told my monkey we had lost a very good doggy. He just asked why things die and we explained same thing over an over and now he is fine.

He helped us dig a hole and bury our faithful friend. He is just at the age where death is part of what he needs to discover. He knows my and hubs dads died and now his pet died.

Ok I thought he was over it but we still on about who or who couldn’t die but I feel its right for him.

That is life and to me and reality is a good thing. We have fantasy creatures and loads of fantasy play but reality needs to be there to.

I never forget not being allowed to at the age of 8 attend my stepmothers funeral. To this day I feel sad no one taught me that living things die and what happens to the body.

Sorry I am so sombre today but this little doggy ruled my heart. At he age of 3 months he nearly died and has been sickly but happy so 12yrs later I seriously am sad for him.

Now my girl is showing signs of being blind and is falling down the stairs and randomly bumping into things and growling and snapping at the wrong people. So sadness rules my house at needing to have her put down as well.
My boy had been eager for a new dog for a while not understanding we will one day loose them like we did wow old ones.


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