doggy’s gone

My monkey loves his dogs but he can be a little rough with them. Tonight he sat down with piccolo the sausage and loved him for a while. This is out of character he will ruffle them and trip over them but never this type of loving.

The dog had been sick but at times he coughed from allergy and a change of diet and some antihistamines worked wonders so I did this and he was responding well or so I thought the coughing had eased and he had a bounce and wag in his tail.

Then last night the coughing started in ernest and I tried antihistamine but alas it didn’t work. This morning I was going to take him to the vet if he wasn’t better.

He went outside and all was still, hubby went out and found him dead. I sobbed and sobbed so hysterically it felt as if my heart was going to break. My piccolo and I had been through so much I am devastated. I feel so awful I should have taken him to the vet.

I am now numb and sad he died alone. I nearly lost him as a pup and brought him back from the throws of death and now in his older years I let him die outside alone.

He was such a lovely dog beside being sickly he never bothered us and had brought us great joy all these years. Now his blanket lays empty I will remove it from my room I can’t bear to look at it empty.

Piccolo my baby dog you will be missed and mom loves you.

Now I have to explain it to my boy when he wakes. I believe in honesty about death I won’t lie to him. He needs to be able to deal with the sadness of it. I am a realist and he dealt with the loss of our cat he will be fine with this to


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