so he is 3

“Good morning baby, whose birthday is today”. Smiling ear to ear “mine,” with kisses all round.

“Look what we got you” we say pointing to the big red present sitting waiting to be opened. Quickly he dives off the bed to go see his present, rips it open and while still opening it says “its a bike, oh thank you for my bike, thank you for my bike”. Over and over he keeps thanking us.

Putting the bike together is a little harder than anticipated and for a little guy he sure showed restraint. The wheel connection to the handle bars was a little bent but thankfully fixable. The peddle looked as if the thread was striped and we thought we would have to return it. Thankfully it finally fitted in.

I was washing my hair over the bath and he came into the bathroom, “thank you morm for my bike”. Looking at me he says “but I want to kiss you morm”. He had been kissing dad over and over it was so sweet.

Getting back to the room he asked and “and so morm where’s more”. “You will get later baby when mom gets home”. He was happy with that and turned back to his bike.

I got to work all sad not being with my boy to find we had a power failure and so I could’ve stayed home. How irritating but at least at 3 we were allowed to leave.

I helped set up for the dinner we were having for him in between giving him his other small insignificant gifts which he appreciated so much. A toddler really wants a mountain of presents rather than one big one.

Dad made a beautiful train cake for him it was stunning. But from the time he started until after dinner all we heard was can we have cake now can we have cake now.

After opening another mountain of gifts from everyone the people had cake and left. We had a happy and tiered monkey “is my birthday finished now he kept asking”.

But he was on a high and getting him changed and into bed was proving to be a little bit of a mission. He wanted to play with his new toys then watch a movie to which I had to say no.

Finally to dreamland he drifted giving an exhausted and happy mom and dad a chance to follow him to dreamland.

Sleep well monkey dream of your birthday and all the presents. Sigh all the hype is now over till christmas.


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