u sure 3yrs ago?

Three years ago today I was packing a bag for my monkey and me. He was about to make his entrance into the world and I was about to birth a boob attachment which would move to the hip. (I wish I could say monkey moved to the hip only but seems boobs joined him in sitting there lol. Thank goodness for slings)

Goodness me I have more butterflies today than back then what’s up with that. Of course I was nervous I re packed the bag at least 5 times if not more. I cried because now I had to share him with the world he was no longer totally mine growing in me.

Sleep they said I must sleep and rest as much as possible. But that’s not possible because that’s the only thought running through my head.

Crying laughing incessant talking was the dawn of the birthing day ever going to break. Now three years later his birthday seems to be eluding me like its never going to arrive.

Sigh I know I know its two sleeps but still


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