laugh a little

Good gracious Scarymom and you know it happens at your house to you gals are a scream and I so enjoy your honest posts.

We all have our flaws and glitches crazy moments but we tend to try and be so serious pretending to have it all together. How about we face reality be honest and admit we fail dismally at times and need to tell the truth. Probably need a helping hand as well, but the other mothers are so likely to gasp in shock we prefer to hold on tight liped scared to let slip.

Well the secret is out as much as I try – am not perfect I fail I fall but the most important point for me is I haven’t thrown in the towel and walked away. Nope its the long haul for me no opting out choice.

But HELP and support is most definitely needed so when I tongue in cheek spill the beans albiet it with a little humour go ahead help but be warned don’t judge me.

Come on moms let’s stand together so we don’t drop the ball.


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