monkey see

Oh boy oh boy this week has been a really crazy busy one and just flown by so quickly it seemed I stepped out the front door on Monday morning turned around and it was Thursday evening already.

Where did the time go and its almost as if I haven’t seen my monkey in that time.(I have and enjoyed being present in his presence but shew just seems like I haven’t) He on the other hand has definitely noticed mom and dad. Both our absence and presence.

He has picked up on dads face expressions and mimics them so well. He also wants to do everything mom and dad do. Drink tea early morning, help dad cook every night (yes I am blessed that dad cooks). He finally is showing an interest in dressing himself (thought that was never going to happen).

He is also showing some of his own traits and expressing himself far to much for my liking. Ha ha ha I supose its all in growing up. Threat of the naughty boy chair is a huge thing in his life. Just the thought of it can stop tears mid way down his cheeks.

Its so hard how do you stop the whining and crying without teaching them crying is bad. Last night he didn’t want to kiss me so I pretended to cry. In a stern voice he said to me “don’t cry, stop it”. Now neither I nor my hub tell him to stop crying we say its enough now we have said no and that’s that.

Sigh parenting is so difficult to get a happy balance. Just like this post it was all over the place sigh with very little or almost nothing to do with the title.


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