the dreaded t word

Well it is with a very sore heart that I left home this morning.  At heart I am a working mom as I need to do it for financial gain as well as reason for sanity.  Well my sanity is questionable but yes its best that I should work to keep some form of semblance of it, but who is to say what sane or insanity is.  Ok back to the point sorry for that brain meander.
“Come monkey let morm dress you”.  “Morm you have time to dress me today?”  Heart was shattered at that, I have been trying to tell him what time is and explain it to him but what does an almost 3yr old know about time.  A moment can be forever and a sleep can be a moment in time, all he knows is that he needs to eat, play sleep, bath and mom and dad squash in some time for him in between that somewhere along the line. 
“Morm, please can you make me nice tea, do you have time.” That unearthly clanging word again, its suddenly making me realise how rushed life is always about we want to go we are going to be late.  Its time to bath, time to eat, time to sleep, why is it that, that little ticking (now silent digital flipping over) of time running away speeding away and my child has to ask me if I have time for him.
So it is with a sickening feeling I have to say its time for me to stop rambling on and close up my computer for the day in preparation to join my son.  The joy is that its home time, time to spend precious time with my son.  Give him the time he so craves from me.  But in all honesty time is becoming a word I hate.


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