mythical creatures

“Come on monkey the sandman is waiting to put sleep in your eyes to make you sleep, he has plenty of other people to visit.”. Without further ado he light gets turned off he prepares for bed and its off to dreamland.

Two nights later “morm we can’t sleep the sandman is coming in wows room.” No amount of convincing him the sandman is good is working here, a stranger is coming in our room and that’s that. So for a few days we live in fear of the little man entering our room. But we back to being cool about it.

Santa left presents under the tree you wanna go see them. No. Let’s go see if he ate his biscuits and drank his milk yay ja let’s do that. Excitement reigned as he noted sanata had eaten and drunk. Finally he got round to the gifts we were so excited about.

Easter bunny is a washout he left eggs in his room not the garden well not until later that is. It took him like two months to eat the eggs.

Well so much for mythical creatures for my son wonder what the toothfairy intro will bring.


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