Eeeouch eina oh what is going on. I have an extreme pain on my buttox cheek.

Now I have a very large rear end I am fat (really fat) not the skinny womans 2kg fat ok yes obese fat. Shew there its out lol.

There is something attached to some of the fat oh please let it be a fat sucking monster then the pain will be worth it. Eina ouch no not even that will be reason for such pain.

I reach down and find a foot attached to my butt, no two feet. Now I know both hub and I have long toes but this is impossible seriously. My monkey has his toes entwined in my butt fat. I pry his foot loose after a struggle only to find the pain still persists. Unbelievably I pry the second set of toes loose and feel slight relief because he has left a walloping bruise there.

I had almost forgotten the incident when my hubby playfully grabbed a piece of that great big booty and I yelped so loud. Yip you guessed right on the same spot.

Now with such a big booty it seems I can’t even see where the bruise is but it seems my whole booty is sore now freak my bean. Come on guys seriously.


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