horse mobbed

The horses have always been wonderful and calm with us so into the paddock we go with a packet of carrots.

Big big mistake suddenly the beauties have become a mob of eager fighters. Fish the docile beauty decides I am his and all carrots belong to him. He stomps around me demanding another carrot and has got between me and monkey.

Poor old pepperpot the kids favortie pony wants one to and he tries to stand up to fish even though he half fishes height. One nudge from fish and that’s sorted. All I am trying to do is get back to my monkey.

Finally I scoop him up and start heading for the gate I am almost willing to throw carrots away from us to get fish to move. He stands between me and the gate not moving. Now normally a slap will get him to move cause he was abused before. Not today I have carrots and there are still some in the packet.

Finally I manage to duck under his neck reach the gate and bolt out the paddock. Heart beating I had to pretend to be brave when in fact I nearly dropped to the ground and screamed help me I am being robbed.

But we came out unscathed and monkey still loves horses


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