aargh who dares….

Aargh did you dare to touch me to wake me up. I don’t believe it, I am a light enough sleeper to just be woken by my name being called.

Now I am in a bad mood and for what reason I actually have no idea, I just know that being woken by touch annoys me so badly.

Tap tap tap my cheek is being tapped I know it seriously can’t be my husband for after 20yrs he would never dare. “Morm are u not tiered anymore, you awake now”. I open my eyes to a beautiful smile and all irritation evaporates as if I was awoken with just the whisper of my name.

How different we treat the little monkeys of our lives. I hope that his charm lives in my heart forever never being broken for its the sweetest feeling in the whole world to be charmed by a monkey lol.


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