Annie eats the babies

Annie is our most beautifully naughty gal. She is my monkeys dog without a shadow of a doubt and listens to his every command.

She is an alsatian an my monkey puts her head through his arm and drags her around the house garden and everywhere and she just follows.

Now when it comes to naughtiness you would think a monkey would outweigh it by far. Mmm nope Annie is the naughty one. Most the stuff in our house is Annie. What she can’t chew she knocks over. The garden on a daily basis is littered by Annie.

So one night piccolo the sausage is mmmMMMmming for ages an no matter how many times I yell he continues. My monkey was sick so I get up stumble downstairs get muti an back up. Half asleep I kick something wet an cold ug.

I look down and its a lump of fur (well hey I was half asleep) but I proceed its probably one of monkeys chewed up toys. Medicine dispensed light off I try and drift into dream land. Dogs are fighting. I wake and realise the fur item was once alive.

Thank goodness for super hub to the rescue. He sorted it, it was a baby peacock from next door. Sadly another batch of babies are going to be munched. Sorry but Annie ha retriever in her so if they come in she will eat them.

Sigh when will neighbours put up a better fence.


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