cant correct its to cute

Oh boy some of his words are so cute I want him to use them forever so what if others laugh. He is my monkey and they are adorable words fantasy or wrong who cares they are his.

Mom please can I have a tantoon that monster one on my arm please morm. Yes I am known as morm an I love it and the tattoo (tantoon) phase is on in full force.

Morm its jum (the j in like jim but a little dragged out almost z like. Meaning its finished its now our family word.

Morm where’s wow (our) ….? Morm where’s wows? I really don’t have the heart to give those little words up yet wrong or not. Sure one day they will be gone just as clarla became carla.

Chlicklen became chicken. Klitchlin will become kitchen. An ittle it will be little bit. I am not going to correct him all day
In his time and stride he will get it right.


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