fear of no fear

I was worried because my child showed no fear. Not of dark rides gogos nothing. No in built instinct could mean trouble and he could get into so much trouble.

Oh boy then the fear hit, he was scared of everything from horses to rides to the dark gogos and all the rest. To watch your fearless toddler suddenly be fear filled was so heart breaking but also so reassuring he wouldn’t get into trouble.

oh and secretly our pockets were safe for the esculator and lifts were the most exciting thing he wanted. Those rides at the bottom of the esculaters were things to be feared so no money was needed. Up and down up and down varying between esculator and lift. It was a joy untold to my son although tedious to me. I mean hello esculators to me are scarey things.

Then morm pleas can I ride and ride we did feeding coin after coin into the rides oh dear where is the fear.


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