tiniest most treasued moment

I don’t know about other moms but my most treasured gifts from my son is his time.

He brings me all sorts of charf charf gifts at random moments which are sweet and thoughtful. But the most treasured gift is when I am the chosen one to bath with him or he chooses to follow me rather than dad.

When he actively chooses to give me his time I treasure every moment. Its not because I am going to give him something beside my attention its just to be with me.

I know he craves my attention as much as I crave his and to just bend down and uppi him because I can is a joy. The other morning I was rushing him to dress because I was running late for work.

He wanted something and I said I don’t have time to do that now. Explained and said nicely but I was heart sore. I know my son needs time with me before work could I not get up ten minutes earlier to ensure we are not rushing around.

He doesn’t understand time other than its light or dark and shouldn’t have to suffer because I haven’t provided enough time for him. I try not to be so busy he is left out so I give him my time till bedtime and then take my time out.

I truly am blessed to be able to do that and a lot of that is thanks to my hubby. Love u buggi bear.


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