trumped daily

Now I am not the most educated gal in the world. In fact high school is the total sum thereof but I am pretty smart despite being a fat blond.

The wonders of the world have me in awe and the people out to get me have me on high alert. Street smart I definitely am.

When it comes to the wisdom of parenting this is where I fail dismally and have to concede my 3yr old trumps me daily. There is never ad day that goes by that he doesn’t teach me a lesson in life.

He has taught me to wait patiently to see what he is about to do rather than presume. Yes majority of the time he is about to do something innocent and I am ready to yell.

He was splashing in the bath and I kept saying stop it stop it. Finally he says but mom I am just making rain. So yes I have learnt to allow him the simple joys in life and deal with the mess later.

If only we could see the things through the eyes of a kid again how simple life would be. We complicate it far to much.

Thank u my son for allowing me to see the world again through your eyes bringing me joy and destressing me at the same time as I relearn to think.

Love you my monkey


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