my monkey

yip he is real

yip he is real

Wow next month this little guy turns 3. The day I found out I was pregnant is a memory on its own. But the day I was scheduled to have him meet the world was one that stands out.

I was excited to meet my little guy but share him with the world noooooo. I wanted him all to myself still. In my tummy he was mine, people could feel him moving but he was all mine a delicious secret growing inside me. Knit together in the secret places of my womb.

I wasn’t ready to share him, I had waited 15yrs for him and now I was having to give him to the world. I had only found out yesterday he was conceived how on earth was it time to birth him. I know how quickly they grow and move away from home and this irrational thought played a huge part in not wanting to present him to the ugly harsh world.

Well he was placed in my arms and all selfish thought drained away. I wanted to show him to every conceivable person. Pity I hadn’t activated facebook yet. Oh hell not enough friends there anyway.

And now he is turning 3 in a short few days. Nooo its impossible I remember the day the doc told me well the 21st you get to meet your little guy. Those words are still ringing in my ears how can 3 years have passed along already.

Oh well he has grown in leaps and bounds and so quickly I seriously don’t remember having a baby or was he even one those days passed in a blur of oblivion I swear.

I don’t remember ever being tiered or irritable as there were maybe two sleepless nights. I remember them well trust me this mom hates a disrupted sleep so I would know if there had been more.


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