an emotional time bomb

Arrive to fetch my little guy and he is so excited to see mom. Exploding with joy and delight almost unable to contain his excitement. Little eyes a light laughter bubbling forth. What a joy delux.
We in the car on the way home and he is asking if we are going to the red shop (kfc). Already the face drops and sulk starts setting in. I try and break it and he kind of smiles but he is not happy.
We arrive home and he bursts out crying screaming his hand is sore where the cat scratched him but he won’t let me see to it.
Suddenly a flying ant lands on his shirt and he is hysterical get it off and bursts out crying even harder. The laughter comes as a surprise even to himself as he watches the flying ant weave and bob near the light a good safe distance away.
Dinner over we head off to bath and when I try and help with rinsing his hair he starts screaming sobbing throwing things.
I feel for my little guy he is tiny and he is trying to deal with things as best he can but there is a limit to allowing him to play out all emotions however he chooses.

But he is learning to reign them in a little faster after each outburst and for that I am eternally grateful for I am not sure of my own emoTional time bomb


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